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In Paris at last.....

We landed at Orly in Paris and were immediately hustled by a driver to take us into town. We opted to take a regular taxi and 20 minutes later we arrived at our apartment on rue Sevigne in the 3rd district of Paris. I was off on my timing so we had to wait an hour for the agent to arrive and give us the keys to the place.

The apartment is on the 4th floor, 5th by American standards and there is no elevator. Infact the building is older than the United States being built around 1720 and you can tell. The stairs are almost vertical and it is a chore to get the luggage to the top. The only good part of being on the high floor is that we are away from the street noise and there is no one above us to listen to.

We were shocked to find that the previous tenant had left and no one had cleaned up the place. The agent gave us a free night to make up for it and Lisa cleaned up while I ran down the street to the laundry and washed the sheets and towels.

After getting situated we ran down the street to the local market and picked up some basic necessities. On the way we decided to stop by the local creperie and try some crepes which were very delicious. Our street is loaded with shops and was very crowded with people just hanging out.

Posted by Scott


Getting situauted.....

Walked down Rivoli Boulevard to the Forum Les Halles complex and stopped in for sushi on the way. The sushi was cheaper here than at home but it also is very simple and not as tasty. At the Forum we found a public swimming pool that we decided we would try but we need Paris appropriate swim suits in order to go in.

We stopped in Darty which is a Best Buy equivalent and bought a speaker for the iPod and a clock. It seems every large store you go in has small little LCD displays for the price of the item instead of a tag. They also have the sales tax built into the price so that is nice as the pirce you see is what you pay.

On the walk back we stopped in a Chinese takeout and picked up some dinner to take to the apartment. They are all over the city and sort of like a Panda Express where all the food is deli style and ready to go. After dinner maddie opened a cabinet that was hidden and found the washing machine we did not know we had.


Posted by Scott


Street markets.....

We started the day by going to the famous Mouffetard street market to see what is was about. We ended up buying a loaf of bread, a rotisserie chicken, avocados, cheese, tomatoes and some rocket. Once back we made fresh sandwiches that were incredible. After that we worked for a while on getting the phone to work and finally made some calls.

Maddie and Lisa did some school work and I walked around the block and took some photos. The local park seemed to be the place to hang out on a Sunday afternoon with a clear sunny sky. I also made friends with some locals (ha ha see picture).
Later on we ventured around the neighborhood and maddie bought an outfit at a local designer shop. After wards we stopped at a café and had an apple toffee crepe with ice cream then walked over to a finger puppet shop, not too exciting.

When we got back to the apartment I ended up talking with the owner on the phone and she was able to help us with some unanswered questions about the place.

Posted by Scott


To the grocery store....

We left the apartment and decided we were going to Carrefour which is the European equivalent to a Walmart or Target to get some items for the place. We had to take two different subways to get there and had a hard time finding the entrance since the store was built under a park. The grocery part of the store had a huge selection of foods, probably even more than we have in the U.S. We also bought a roller hand cart to carry the stuff back in, seems to be the standard over here.

On the way back we stopped and got a pizza down the street and then back to the apartment. After a few hours of rest we decided to go to the movies and catch the new Robin Hood for the $3.50 show. We also stopped by and bought maddie a scooter and we all got swim suits so we can use the public pool. They do not allow shorts or bikinis so we needed appropriate suits and caps.
After the show we headed home and made tacos for dinner but the shells we premade and very stale.

This was an entire day without the camera. Note no photos......

Posted by Scott


Of to Eiffel...

Ran down to the local Patisserie and picked up an éclair and a napoleon for breakfast, actually that would be a power breakfast. On the way I tried to use the Velib bicycle system but failed miserably as they will only work with European ATM card. The cards over here have a security chip with contacts built into the card. The Velib system is 1,500 stations with 20,000 bicycles across Paris that you can rent for free as long as you make it to another station within 30 minutes.

We decided we would go see the Eiffel Tower today so we started off by going to go sport to buy a scooter for Lisa. On the way out the door I stepped on a security tag at the register and the nail shaped piece went through toe. Luckily it came right out or I would not be able to leave the store without the alarm going off.

On the way to the Eiffel we grabbed a cheap lunch at a Middle Eastern diner and then picked up some pastries next door which we enjoyed on the bank of the Seine River. The boats and barges were busy hauling their cargo up and down the river as we sat there stuffing our faces with baked bliss.

Now that half the day was done we were off to the Eiffel, finally. So we decided we would shortcut through the Louvre Park and then cut down the Champ Elysees past the royal palace. Well 4 hours later we were only half way there and figured by that time we would not be making the Eiffel today so we grabbed some dinner at a local French bistro. Lisa finally got to have her French onion soup in France so it worked out good.


On the way back we stopped in a perfume store the size of a Walmart and by the time we left I think my nose was permanently damaged. I have never seen or smelt so many fragrances, good and bad. Once back we setup a $25 DVD player we had bought and Maddie watched a Harry Potter movie. The TV in the aprtment has only 2 stations in english and they are both news.

Posted by Scott



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